Anti-mosquito system for irrigation

How does the mosquito system work?

Biozanz’s anti-mosquito system for irrigation spreads a natural product organic repellent in your garden, using the principle of nebulization. The installation of the anti-mosquito system is managed by a pressurization-mixing unit and a hydraulic circuit to house the spray nozzles, suitably positioned along the perimeter of the area to be treated in hedges , flowerbeds , bushes , wells or places that can favor the proliferation of mosquitoes.

Système anti-moustique de jardin

Electronic control unit

able to program the days, times and duration of delivery.

Ugelli nebulizzatori siepe antizanzare

Perimeter nozzles

Distributed along the hedges of the garden, in flower beds, or in humid areas in the shade.

impianto antizanzare biozanz 100% naturale

100% Natural

The security of being protected from mosquitoes with a harmless product.

How does the plant work?

BioZanz represents the evolution of anti-mosquito systems, discover its functioning in the video.

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Perimeter barrier

The anti-mosquito systems with automated nebulization are specifically designed to create an impenetrable barrier in the spaces outlined where the system is installed. Thanks to perimeter nozzles, and pipes built with high quality materials, resistant over time, the system is able to continuously supply, or at programmable times, a totally natural repellent active ingredient, which is able to remove mosquitoes with extreme effectiveness .

Barrière dans le jardin avec système anti-moustique biozanz
disinfestazione di zanzare senza pesticidi

Pesticide Free Protection

The diffused active ingredient, 100% natural , mixed with water, is dispensed a few millimeters a day, at intervals based on the programming on the control unit, obtaining a biological disinfestation of mosquitoes continues, being free to be able to live your own garden without the hassle of being stung, but above all without residual chemicals that can damage the health of people and pets.

Repellency, and aromatherapy!

With BioZanz, in addition to protection from mosquitoes and annoying insects, you can enjoy your garden like never before, thanks to the repellent scented essences is diffused by the plant.

Impianto antizanzare con repellente e aromaterapia profumato

Some installation scenarios of the system

What does the BioZanz plant guarantee you?

100% protection

Continuous protection with day and night bio-disinfestation adulticide, tiger mosquito and harmful flying insects through nebulization.

Impianto antizanzare automatizzato


Automatic diffusion, programmable at preferred times, of a mixture of water and active ingredient that eliminates mosquitoes and keeps those arriving away .

Con biozanz potrai goderti il tuo giardino

Safe and total

A path of pipes designed and conceived ad hoc, to bring the product to all areas of your garden.

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