The stand-alone pesticide-free mosquito repellent system for your garden.

BioZanz is the ideal mosquito repellent system for your garden and is a whole new way to repel mosquitoes. Specially designed and purpose-built for outdoor areas, BioZanz delivers an extremely effective natural active ingredient through automated spraying, allowing for the eco-friendly disinfestation of adult tiger mosquitoes.

No more problems with mosquitoes!

  • Protects any type of area, without pesticides.

  • Creates a natural barrier against mosquitoes.

  • Can be managed remotely by app.

  • Made in Italy and fully reliable.

  • Has a double tank (for aromatherapy and to cool you down).

  • Allows bio- disinfestation of adult tiger mosquitoes and other harmful insects.

A natural barrier protecting your space

sistema antizanzare BioZanz

At last, thanks to BioZanz, you can have ongoing mosquito control and protection in your garden, meaning they will no longer disturb you in the best and most relaxing times of day. BioZanz mosquito repellent equipment is installed in line with the needs of your particular environment and placed along the edge of the area to be treated – areas such as hedges, flowerbeds, bushes, wells or other places where mosquitoes tend to proliferate. Want a customized solution? Contact us for a quote!

Covering up to 13,000 sqm
with installation from 20 to 90 nozzles

When you use BioZanz, your garden will be sprayed with scents which repel both mosquitoes and other insects, so you can enjoy your green spaces like never before!

impianto antizanzare giardino
Mosquito repellent system for home and company gardens
Con biozanz potrai goderti il tuo giardino

Enjoy your garden
without mosquitoes!

If your garden is invaded by mosquitoes or other annoying insects that prevent you from using it to the full during the summer, take BioZanz as a cosinderation. Contact us now to request information about our systems and to make your garden free from mosquitoes.

Éliminez les moustiques du jardin potager