Do you want to enjoy your garden?
Here is the mosquito repellent system for you!

The same mosquito problem every season?
Do mosquitoes regularly disturb your sleep or your well-deserved moment of tranquility in the garden?


Ekonore, a leading company in the pesticide-free pest control sector, offers you the possibility to install BioZanz, the innovative mosquito repellent that definitively solves the problem while respecting nature. Get rid of mosquitoes that invade your garden with a professional, organic and certified nebulizer. BioZanz is the system that allows you to create a natural barrier against mosquitoes. Normal appliances do not solve the problem. With BioZanz you can go back to enjoying your garden and your home without harmful chemicals or pesticides!

How does BioZanz work?

BioZanz is capable of delivering a natural pesticide-free repellent and guaranteeing the removal of all types of mosquitoes and other harmful insects. Like?

  1. By automatically spreading, at set times, a mixture of water and natural active ingredient, which eliminates mosquitoes and drives away those arriving;
  2. By creating an impenetrable barrier to the outside that allows you to get rid of mosquitoes;
  3. By exploiting a totally natural active ingredient, with no harmful effects for the environment and people.

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